Serial Fiction Roundtable

On Tuesday, longtime serial fiction writer and promoter Claudia Hall Christian rounded up a batch of writers, publishers, and other interested parties for a roundtable discussion of serial fiction. Serials have been in the news lately thanks to Tor, and then Amazon, throwing their hats into the ring, and there’s been a lot of debate. What’s “true” serial fiction: an ongoing, write-as-you-go piece with no defined end? A serialized novel? Something in between? How do you price serial fiction? How do you deliver it?

These questions and more were on the floor during the hour-long discussion.

Mastermind Kate (hi, guys!) had been invited to participate, but technical glitches kept us off the scene (stupid Mr Squiggles the Internet Hamster wasn’t letting notifications through, and I couldn’t join the Google Hangout in progress). There may be a next time, though…

Regardless, the discussion was really interesting, and totally worth watching. Take an hour out of your day and check it out! We’ll add the roundtable transcript when it exists, too.

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