Acquisition: The Dominion

More exciting news about upcoming titles!

Candlemark & Gleam is pleased to announce the acquisition of The Dominion, a contemporary slipstream fantasy by Gayleen Froese.

The Dominion is the story of an inherently strange place, and of two people intent on exploring it. As Gayleen describes,

The Dominion is a city-state in a world where magic came back to full, commonplace life at the end of the Second World War. It is a kind of containment zone, a place were the magical and the strange are encouraged to live. It’s the largest magical community in the world, and one where the forces of magic are held in check by a mind-numbing bureaucracy of forms, permits, and regulations.

Innis Stuart is an arrogant but charismatic professional travel writer, documenting the world’s most dangerous places. He’s come to The Dominion to write a travelogue, portions of which make up the narrative. Accompanying him is German photographer Karsten Roth, reserved where Innis is bold, and earnest where Innis is boastful. The two develop a contentious romance as they explore the ins and outs of The Dominion, exploring the municipal government, the local organized crime scene, and daily life in the weirdest place on Earth.

The deeper they delve, the stranger it gets, and the clearer it becomes to Karsten that his new friend is not who he seems to be at all.

So just how good is this book? Its first/rough draft won a television reality show version of the International 3-Day Novel Writing Contest aired on Book Television in Canada, and was short-listed for the overall competition.

The Dominion will be published by C&G in print and digital formats in winter 2012/2013. Stay tuned for more!

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