Twitter and ponies

Oh, Twitter. You enable us to have the strangest, most wonderful conversations.

C&G author Susan Jane Bigelow mentioned having a Pony Army on her desk at work this morning. I demanded pictures. She obliged.

And look in the background there…behind the blue pony…there’s a ConFedMilPol car!

Which led to the following exchange:

@whateversusan:  Join the Reform Party, GET A PONY (this is how democracy dies, not with a bang, not with a whimper, but with Rainbow Dash)
@whateversusan:  Someone needs to make a Sky Ranger pony mod. I would die from the cool.

…yeah. Okay. This needs to happen.

So here’s the deal: Make a Sky Ranger or Penny Silverwing pony mod, post it online for all to ogle (and email us/comment here with the link, naturally!), and Candlemark & Gleam will give you paperback copies of both Broken and Fly Into Fire. Offer limited to first two pony-modders to come along, so get crackin’!

Spread the word – you know you want to see an Extrahumans pony mod. You really do.

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