Fly Into Fire bonus stories and more

Do you love the world of the Extrahumans? Can you not get enough of Penny Silverwing, Sky Ranger, and all the rest?

Susan Jane Bigelow, author of Broken and Fly Into Fire, has you covered! There are some great bonus stories set in the Extrahumans world floating around Teh Intarwebz right now – you should really go check them out! One of the best things about this series is the depth and breadth of the universe it’s in – it’s so fully realized, so real that you can’t help but get sucked in. And with a few stories and a mysterious memo or two out there…well…

On The Discriminating Fangirl, Ernesta Trägel Watches a Video of Sky Ranger.

Afterwards, Bibliognome gets its hands on a memo from Corporal Trägel.

And Susan herself has something to say on the Corporal’s rank.

Meanwhile, the Outer Alliance has a bit of Renna’s history…

And we guess Bibliognome liked what was going on with everyone in Fly Into Fire, because the review is stunningly good!

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