The Reformists want YOU

The Reformists want YOU…

A propaganda poster for Susan Jane Bigelow's novel Broken

…to spread the word about Broken!

The Party is calling upon all good citizens to do their duty. That means telling everyone you know about Broken and its upcoming print release – and about Susan Jane Bigelow’s appearance at ComiConn on August 27.

To encourage you to do the right thing, the Reformist Party is offering a few incentives. Anyone who tweets, blogs, or otherwise posts about Broken in the next two weeks (through August 26) or who tweets, blogs, or posts about the ComiConn event will be entered to win a Broken prize package, including a copy of the book and a poster.

In addition to being entered to win the prize package, ten random Party Members will be chosen to receive Black Band action figures, and will be tasked with a special assignment – to use those figures to promote the book. Take them to public venues, recruit new members, make training videos – do something to promote Broken and Reform Party loyalty. The most creative entry will win an even BIGGER Broken prize package, filled with Reform Party schwag.

Sign up and send in your entries here.

Virtue! Honor! Loyalty! Strength!

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