Announcement: Knight of Arrows, Knight of Swords

Candlemark & Gleam is proud to announce the acquisition of a new title: Knight of Arrows, Knight of Swords by A.C. Gaddis!

Like a number of our other books, this one doesn’t easily slip into simple blurbs or neat little soundbites. But that doesn’t mean it’s not an incredible story.

Knight of Arrows, Knight of Swords takes place in a burnt-out, post-apocalyptic world where demons roam the earth, and certain humans are sworn to both kill the demons and suppress the knowledge that they’re out there (don’t want to start panic in the streets, after all).

Two of these gifted humans, a mage and a warrior, were paired off in a Sacred Band within the mysterious, cunning, powerful Order of Steel – but they broke the Order’s laws, and have been driven apart and sent to find their own ways in the world.

Now, each has become involved with a creature that he doesn’t understand – not demon, not angel, not human, not undead – creatures both beautiful and terrible, with agendas of their own.

Knight of Arrows, Knight of Swords follows these men and not-monsters on their journeys, both real and metaphorical, as they try to prevent demons from overtaking the world, evil from shattering a fragile peace forged between races, and heartbreak from shattering them.

It’s a romance in the old, medieval sense of the word – laden with lush imagery, grand and sweeping heroic adventures, and, yes, a whole Gordian’s knot of tragic love stories.

Ms. Gaddis has entered rewrites on the novel, and we’ll keep you posted on how it’s coming as we move into the editorial process and then onwards to publication!

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