Preditors & Editors Reader’s Poll Results

You like us! You really like us!

This just in: Candlemark & Gleam has taken Top 10 honours in all three categories of the Preditors & Editors Reader’s Poll…and we’re #5 for Publisher!

Thank you all SO much for voting for us and cheering us on! This is a great honour, especially for such a new publisher. It means a lot that you all believe in Candlemark & Gleam so much.

Erekos, Fantasy Novel: #8

Erekos, Book Cover: #4

Candlemark & Gleam, Publisher: #5

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  • Anonymous

    I didn’t notice this before, but you beat SAMHAIN, dude!

  • Candlemark & Gleam

    I’m sort of crazily giddy about that, actually. 😀