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Cussing up a storm

A very interesting Guardian piece about why teens don’t cuss in novels. This is actually something we thought long and hard about with respect to Debris Dreams, as witnessed by this earlier post on the subject. The second draft we looked at was chock-full of some very vulgar language. But it was also very appropriate: […]


Matchbox Girls blog tour stop

Today, we’re very pleased to be the hosts of the Matchbox Girls blog tour, with a guest post by Chrysoula Tzavelas! Take it away, Chrysoula! My publisher, may she reign from on high forever, says she publishes “fantastika.” But we all know what she really likes is qüirky stuff. Let’s try this on for size: […]

On pitching your novel

I’ve spent last night and part of this morning reading through some queries and submissions. It’s…edifying…to say the least. Some of the same mistakes come up again and again, and I thought it might be a good idea to address the biggies here. 1. This should really go without saying, but please spell-check your query. […]

A quick question

Just a quick question, to ask anyone who might be listening out there… Why do people insist on using “orbs” when they mean eyes? No, really, please explain this to me. I don’t get it. I’ve seen this come up more and more in prose lately – in submissions, in manuscripts we’ve acquired that are […]

NaNo is here again!

NaNoWriMo is once again upon us! And that means that for the month of November, more frenzied writing will happen than does for the rest of the year combined. Maybe not here – Yours Truly may be doing a sort of frenetic NaNoEdMo and/or NaNo-lay-out-these-friggin-novels-Mo – but all over the world, people will be silencing […]

Toeing the YA Line

YA is popular right now, there’s no denying that. Most of the best-selling fiction, especially in genre, is identified as YA at the moment (well, whatever isn’t ghostwritten by someone for James Patterson or Clive Cussler, that is). You can’t ignore the popularity of Harry Potter, the Hunger Games, Matched, and any number of other […]

On Pseudonyms

Interesting article here on choosing to write under a pseudonym, and why an author might want to do so. I think a lot of authors, particularly those who write in genre, choose pseudonyms for a combination of these reasons. What if you’re a scholar or a journalist in your everyday life? It makes sense for […]

Five Things – Some Thoughts

Grasping for the Wind recently did a post on Five Things Every Aspiring Author Should Know. I agree with most of what he says here, but I do have a few quibbles and comments. 1) No, you should not demand a Special Writer Cocoon (or a gazebo at the bottom of the garden, or anything […]