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Always Writing

This New York Times article on authors’ writing schedules is both illuminating and a clear moment of “raise your hand if you’re surprised.” Writers have to keep turning out work in order to stay in the public eye? Who knew!

Writers’ Tea Party

Writers’ Tea Party, a lovely site devoted to all things literary – writing, editorial, art, and more – recently embarked upon a reboot, and as part of their new, really fascinating hybrid format (a combination of editorial and interactive features, all designed to enhance and foster conversation in the writing community), they’ve asked Candlemark & […]

On KDP Select

So the big news in the publishing world this week has been twofold, but all to do with the eight-hundred-pound gorilla in the room: Amazon. Point 1) Amazon released a price-checker app and offered discounts to customers who scanned an item at a bricks-and-mortar retailer and then purchased the item on Amazon. Books were excluded […]

More on digital printing and short-run

Remember what I said about digital printing and short-run printing? Yeah, guess what? It’s not just the little presses making use of it. You may have heard of a little outfit called Penguin – well, they’re now using Quad/Graphics to do short-run prints of many of their backlist titles. Take that, traditional supply chain!