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A Birthday Valentine to Webrid by His Creator, Anne E. Johnson

It has been five years since Anne E. Johnson unleashed Ganpril Webrid on unsuspecting Earthlings. Webrid is a true everyperson: my own sense of him is that he’s what Wookies are really like when they’re not brandishing crossbows or tinkering with starship circuitry. And when he transcends himself despite fears, doubts and shortcomings, it makes […]

Writers’ Tea Party

Writers’ Tea Party, a lovely site devoted to all things literary – writing, editorial, art, and more – recently embarked upon a reboot, and as part of their new, really fascinating hybrid format (a combination of editorial and interactive features, all designed to enhance and foster conversation in the writing community), they’ve asked Candlemark & […]


Matchbox Girls blog tour stop

Today, we’re very pleased to be the hosts of the Matchbox Girls blog tour, with a guest post by Chrysoula Tzavelas! Take it away, Chrysoula! My publisher, may she reign from on high forever, says she publishes “fantastika.” But we all know what she really likes is qüirky stuff. Let’s try this on for size: […]

Cheese or Fonts?

I freely admit to being a font nerd. I also freely admit that the reason I am not writing an involved and/or erudite blog post full of actual thought, content, and useful information is because I’m too busy playing Cheese or Font? Try it. You’ll see why I can’t stop. If you can manage to […]

Guest post on faery tales

We’ve got a guest post up at the fabulous Stella Ex Libris book blog, all about the faery tales of my youth…and how they’re perhaps not the stories you grew up with. I love retold faery tales, and all the different permutations thereof – from Disney to Jim Hines’s Stepsisters to the truly brilliant work […]

Hickey(s) of the Beast Guest Post

The fabulous Tkoeh (@tkoeh, tkoehcreations.blogspot.com) got a wee bit excited about the mere concept of Hickey of the Beast, and went a little overboard on Hallowe’en – she actually created satanic hickeys and wore them to a party! Yeah, we’re so sending her an ARC of the book for this. Talk about a superfan…and this […]