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Signed copies of Erekos in May

For the month of May, anyone who purchases a copy of Erekos through the Candlemark & Gleam website will get an AUTOGRAPHED copy! How is this possible, you ask? You sell eBooks…how on earth can you sign an eBook? You get a bit clever, that’s how. Anyone who purchases a copy of Erekos through our […]

We have a winner!

We have a winner in the Hickey(s) of the Beast Challenge! Dwain Smith, mad genius, fully loaded potassium source, and creator of the Banana of the Beast, has won a Gold Subscription to Hickey of the Beast for one heck of a spooky fruit. Congratulations!

Erekos Reader Drawing – we have a winner!

Courtesy of the resident Psychic Parrot and his patent-pending random selection process, we have a winner in the Erekos Reader Drawing! We’ve e-mailed Kathryn from Virginia to let her know she’s won. Kathryn, you’ve got a week to let us know where to send your prize! After that, the parrot goes back to the drawing […]

Hickey(s) of the Beast Challenge

We’re gearing up for the release of Hickey of the Beast, a hilarious, creative, absolutely awesome YA fantasy by Isabel Kunkle. In honour of this great story, and tapping into some of the creativity that’s already been unleashed by the book, we’re going to offer a little giveaway for those readers who like to go […]

Best Of

We’re absolutely blown away to have gotten a “Best Of” recognition in our very first year, with our very first title. That’s right, Cold Iron & Rowan Wood, a book blog you should really be reading, decided that Erekos is the best book put out by a small publisher that’s crossed their path this year. […]