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More review thoughts

Another review for Erekos has come in, this time from the amazing folks at The Book Smugglers. So far, it seems that the only major complaints from ANYONE are “it’s very literary” and “MOAR ACTION PLZ!” Honestly, I can’t tell you how pleased this makes me. Erekos is, in fact, a very literary, meta novel…and […]

Erekos reviews

Reviews of Erekos are starting to come in, and this week looks to be a biggie. Bibliognome is doing a whole week of goodness, ranging from a Sentence Sneak Peek to a review to a giveaway to an interview tomorrow. Meanwhile, The Discriminating Fangirl gave the book a GREAT review, and I have to say […]

Paperback Dolls

There is an absolutely phenomenal review of Erekos up over at Paperback Dolls, a book blog you should really be reading if you aren’t already. Plus, there’s an interview with A. M. Tuomala, a guest post by lil’ ol’ me, and multiple ways to win a copy of the book! Go! Read! Enjoy!

Erekos: On Sale Now!

That’s right – Erekos by A. M. Tuomala is now on sale! Pick up your copy today in the Candlemark & Gleam shop. We’ll be putting it on sale in the Smashwords store and on Amazon soon, but for right now…buy direct! With no fees taken by distributors, it means more goes to the author, […]

An eReader’s Bill of Rights

In the midst of all the preparations for the big Erekos release on Tuesday (your calendar has a big red circle on it, doesn’t it? Well, why not?), we’ve been giving a bit of thought to digital books and digital formats. It’s only natural, given that we’ve been spending a lot of time prepping the […]

Mark Your Calendars

Mark your calendars – the release date for Erekos has been set! On September 21, 2010, you’ll be able to purchase your very own copy of Erekos, a mythic fantasy tale of magic, wisdom, war, gods, and men. It will be available in all common electronic formats – PDF, ePub, Mobi – here in the […]

Thoughts on Format and Design

As I’ve been typesetting Erekos for the last two weeks, I’ve been musing about formatting. Print is a beautiful thing. It lets you set exactly how you want a reader to experience a story – it gives you the ability to make an aesthetically pleasing container for thought. I love this. I love taking an […]