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Announcement: Art & Words

Candlemark & Gleam is incredibly excited to announce a new project from fine artist, illustrator, and all-around creative maven Brigid Ashwood: Art & Words. Art & Words will be an ongoing, occasional series of elegantly designed books meant to draw the reader in, and give them free rein to stretch their imaginations. Each book will […]

Cheese or Fonts?

I freely admit to being a font nerd. I also freely admit that the reason I am not writing an involved and/or erudite blog post full of actual thought, content, and useful information is because I’m too busy playing Cheese or Font? Try it. You’ll see why I can’t stop. If you can manage to […]

Once more, with feeling

Got the first proof of the Erekos ARC yesterday and it looks pretty good. There were still a few issues, though, mostly relating to the baseline grid, the gutters, and the outer margins. So…I reset the type. Again. That makes six times now, I think. Hope this one’s the charm, because we’re so close to […]

Font Geekery

I’ve been spending the better part of the last two weeks revising Erekos for its print release in September, and dealing with the vagaries of what font, leading, and kerning to use for a trade paperback edition. It’s fun, but also frustrating. So in the midst of all my font work there, it was a […]

Hazards of book design

Going into these things, you never think about the potential job hazards of doing book design. For instance, after awhile, the words “Dear Michael” stop making actual sense, and start just being loops and whorls and lines. Especially when you’re scanning them in 500 different handwriting fonts. I’m presently finishing up the book design for […]

On design and professionalism

A friend just passed along this post of Tobias Buckell’s about the sale of Realms of Fantasy magazine to Damnation Press. His comment? “I thought, how bad could it be? Then I clicked. Now I know better.” It’s true – that website is painfully bad. I was trying to browse their titles, and what I […]

On Hard-to-Read Fonts

According to a study by Princeton University researchers, hard-to-read fonts may enhance learning. Heaven help us all, this means that Comic Sans actually serves a legitimate purpose…and all those fonts that are even worse than Comic Sans, and which should never be used to typeset a book? Also have a legitimate, non-accent purpose. I only […]

Thoughts on Format and Design

As I’ve been typesetting Erekos for the last two weeks, I’ve been musing about formatting. Print is a beautiful thing. It lets you set exactly how you want a reader to experience a story – it gives you the ability to make an aesthetically pleasing container for thought. I love this. I love taking an […]