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Light or Dark: Justin Robinson Companion Story to Celebrate Neo-Noir StoryBundle

Kate Sullivan, the intrepid founder and once-mastermind of Candlemark, put together a fantabulous StoryBundle of neo-noir speculative fiction that went live today. From space opera to swords and sorcery, from horror to urban fantasy, corrupt elves, werewolf cops, ghostly soul-whisperers, and Twitter-obsessed superheroes, it’s all there — just take a gander at that snazzy lineup! […]

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All Wet: City of Devils/Fifty Feet of Trouble Companion Story by Justin Robinson

Those lucky souls, human or otherwise, who’ve read Fifty Feet of Trouble have encountered Merry Celestial and its intrepid crew. To give more background on this much-storied vessel, Justin Robinson has written a special companion story to City of Devils and Fifty Feet of Trouble. Fans of Captain El Acerico and Ensign Pulverized, rejoice and […]