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Behind the Curtain, Part 3: Decisions

Thus far in the Behind the Curtain series, we’ve talked about writing your manuscript, prepping your pitch, and where your pitch goes once you’ve mailed it out. Now it’s time to talk about what you really want to know regarding the submissions process – how decisions are made. Once the slush reader gets to your […]

Behind the Curtain, Part 2.5: Slush

Before we move on to the next full installment of Behind the Curtain, I thought I’d do a little prep work. You see, the next section is about acceptance and rejection, and how manuscripts get read, sorted, and categorized for acquisition. In order to understand that, though, you need to understand a little bit about […]

Behind the Curtain, Part 1.5: Revenge of the Manuscript

Okay, I lied. We’re not doing Part 2 yet. It was pointed out to me that there’s some key aspects to the manuscript process that I ignored. Really, they’re more like key aspects of the writer’s psyche: resilience and determination. First, resilience. You have to have it. You have to be willing to accept criticism, […]

Behind the Curtain, Part 1: The Manuscript

I threatened to do a series of posts demystifying the publishing process. Now I guess I get to follow through on that. But where do I start? When the manuscript is accepted, or perhaps even before that? No better place to start than the beginning, so here we go. Welcome to the first in a […]


Getting a revised version from an author makes me giddy. No, seriously. It’s like Christmas and my birthday, all rolled into one. I’m sitting here, staring at the revised version of Erekos. Its author sent it to me two whole days ago, and I’ve just been sitting here, staring at it, ever since. It’s not […]

What Price Digital?

What price digital? That’s the big question these days, it seems. What price is a reasonable one to charge for an eBook? What are people willing to pay, and what is sustainable under the flurry of different distribution models that have been flying around? The answer most people are going to tell you is obvious: […]

Erekos: An Announcement

It’s time to announce Candlemark & Gleam’s first title! I’ve been in touch with the author for awhile now, and we’ve had an informal agreement for a bit, but the signed contract came in over the weekend, and the author has given me permission to start shouting to the heavens about my glee at acquiring this […]