Windhome GoodReads Giveaway

At GoodReads, we just launched the giveaway for Kristin Landon’s riveting science fiction adventure Windhome. This fascinating, nuanced story of first contact will be irresistible to readers of Le Guin, Butler, McDevitt, and Arnason.

Grounded in science, with a plot rich in external and internal discovery, with vivid characters for whom the reader comes to care deeply, Windhome is The Left Hand of Darkness meets Black Robe with a soupçon of Alien. Here’s what Publishers Weekly had to say about Kristin’s novel:

“After an eight-year hiatus, Landon (The Dark Reaches) returns with a complex fourth novel that combines dystopian and first-contact themes. // This is a quiet, tense book, saturated with dread.”

Those who enter the giveaway have a chance of winning a print copy with its stunning cover by multi-award winner Julie Dillon — and equally stunning content.

Windhome launches December 11. Mark your calendars for an absorbing story of life-and-death perils and dilemmas!

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