More Recognitions for Our Anthologies

Candlemark may a femto-press, but it has a long shadow.

As was the case with The Other Half of the Sky, a disproportionate number of stories from To Shape the Dark were chosen for Best-of reprint anthologies: two for Gardner Dozois’ Year’s Best SF 34, one of these two also for Allan Kaster’s Year’s Top Hard Sci-Fi Stories — Melissa Scott’s “Firstborn, Lastborn” and Shariann Lewitt’s “Fieldwork”. Nine more (!) appear in the honorable mentions of Year’s Best SF 34. That’s quite a record for an antho of 15 stories—and more such picks may yet come!

On a related matter, I’ll soon relaunch the Candlemark newsletter. The initial plan is to send it bi-annually, so that readers can keep abreast of the press with uncrowded inboxes.  So if you’d like to be au courant, hie yourselves to the subscription link on the right sidebar!

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