Blastoff: Red Spawn Delivery by Anne E. Johnson

Congratulations to Anne E. Johnson, whose Red Spawn Delivery hits the starship lanes today! The third adventure in the witty, rambunctious Webrid Chronicles, this is the wildest escapade yet of our furry carter hero (?) and his motley crew of zany friends.

In Green Light Delivery, Webrid had to deliver a laser source embedded in his skull…while keeping his head. In Blue Diamond Delivery, he had to deliver a diamond or the planets of his system would go their separate ways. And in Red Spawn Delivery, he has to deliver fifty kidnapped arachnid newborns—if he can find them.

Anne’s fresh, lively space operas combine a Wookie-like protagonist, the non-stop action and humor of The Fifth Element, and Raymond Chandler’s wisecracking noir sensibilities. We can hardly wait till Luc Besson catches wind of Webrid’s deeds!

Red Spawn Delivery is available on Amazon, B&N, Kobo – and of course on our website, where buying the snazzy trade paperback also brings along the full digital bundle (PDF, Epub and Mobi). As a reminder, the trade paperback will take a couple of days post-launch to appear in Amazon and B&N, and all C&G ebooks are DRM-free.

Let the janz roll eating and Val-Hundred drinking commence!

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