Red Spawn Delivery Giveaway

The March 1 liftoff of Red Spawn Delivery, the third installment of Ganpril Webrid’s interplanetary escapades, is almost upon us!

Anne E. Johnson has conscientiously decoded and transmitted the adventures of the furry hereditary carter and his rambunctious gang of loyal friends. In Green Light Delivery, Webrid had to deliver a laser source…embedded in his skull, with many adversaries eager to divest him of his charge. In Blue Diamond Delivery, he had to deliver a diamond that was part of the machinery that keeps his planetary system stable. And in Red Spawn Delivery, he has to find and deliver fifty arachnid newborns kidnapped by a mad scientist.

We’re giving away three copies of Red Spawn Delivery at GoodReads during February. Enter for a chance to win yours and mark your calendars for March 1!

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