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The Other Half of the Sky coverAs Candlemark & Gleam readers know, we just launched To Shape the Dark, a sibling to The Other Half of the Sky, with original SF stories focusing on women scientists. The duo now carries the collective name Feral Astrogators, with the possibility of a future third sibling.

To celebrate this, genre guru E. P. Beaumont published a magnificent in-depth review of The Other Half of the Sky; an interview of editor Athena Andreadis will follow soon.

“There’s no exotification here; protagonists live and move and work in first person even where the story is told in third person.
The touch of human hands, human voices unmediated by the Usual Story, command attention. It’s quiet, but we need more of this kind of thing: not Token Track, not Special Diversity Issue of Otherwise Standard Magazine, but a shift of perspective to the possibilities of human beings and their stories of living in this vastness.”

This is a fitting bookend to the early review of To Shape the Dark in Analog SF. The two anthologies are both banners and blueprints for the tributary streams we hope to strengthen in the genre.

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