Pressing Matters: December 13, 2013, Edition

Edit edit edity edit…

Pressing Matters: Week of December 9-13, 2013


  1. We’re going through the current subs before closing down to submissions for awhile. Answers, acquisitions, and revisions ahoy!
  2. Whole stack of revisions to read through – please bear with us!
  3. Part of that includes a RAFT of sequels in the queue. 2014 is shaping up to be busy!


  1. Editor Aliza is busy proofreading Grave, so we’re almost off to the races there.
  2. Edits on Sword revisions continue…
  3. Edits on Mixed Feelings also continue!


  1. The cover for The Dominion, which is going to be GLORIOUS. Now, to craft a text design that plays off the gorgeous font used…

Reviews, Promotions, and Buzz

  1. Susan Jane Bigelow stops by the Book Smugglers’ Smugglivus festivities to talk about her top book picks this year!
  2. Didn’t make it to Long Beach Comic & Horror Con? You can still catch Justin Robinson talking about turning your personal fears into effective horror with this podcast!
  3. David Colby has started a new project – an online serial novel! Go check out The Immortals!
  4. Oh, but you need even MORE to read? No problem! Anne E. Johnson has you covered with a short story!



  1. We might have one or two packages to send out for the Infinity Key pre-orders. You know, just a couple. You do NOT want to know about the cupcakes.
  2. So by now you’ve probably heard about Amazon’s plans to unleash package-delivery drones, right? Well, Waterstones in England has a rejoinder for that…
  3. How to date a literary agent. Same goes for a small press, really. Although we also like getting flowers.
  4. A globe that warns, “Here be dragons.” 
  5. Oh, how I wish I could pop by Hoxton Street Monster Supply…
  6. One must always study carefully…
  7. …though it’s easier to do so in a lovely reading nook.
  8. For those of you facing down this weekend’s storm, a little reminder to rejoice.
  9. Bonk.


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