Pressing Matters: October 11, 2013, Edition

Slow but steady wins the editorial races, right? Right.


Pressing Matters: Week of October 7-11, 2013


  1. Checking out two fulls right now – one that’s a rewrite, and one that I think we’ll be asking for a rewrite/resubmit on. Woo!


  1. Edits on Sword have been returned, now with extra scenes! More politics! New names! Woo!


  1. II Crimsonstreak has been shipped to the printer. Woo!
  2. Finalizing the last small details before Infinity Key can make its own way to the print. Woo!

Reviews, Promotions, and Buzz

  1. SF Signal talks with Susan Jane Bigelow about sci-fi, writing, and how she builds a world.
  2. Best Books Ever has a review of City of Devils up – now is that truth in advertising, or what? Plus, there’s a chance for you to win a digital copy of the novel, plus swag!
  3. On the Left Coast? Stalk your favourite author! Justin Robinson will be appearing at Conjecture 2013 with a table in the Dealers’ Room from Oct. 18-20 in San Diego.
  4. Did you know we have a Tumblr now? We totally have a Tumblr. You should go…I don’t know, look at it.


  1. We’re getting ready to kick off a new blog series that lets you in on what your favourite C&G contributors – authors, editors, designers, and more – are reading right now…and what they’re drinking, too! This should be fun!
  2. A look at 10 of the oldest surviving books/codices we know of. How cool!
  3. Fulfilling pre-orders for City of Devils is taking longer than we anticipated – not because of the trading cards, but because of the Anti-Monster Preparedness Kits. Apparently, the necessary bottles and vials were delivered…somewhere…and signed for by…someone…and that place was not here, and that person was not anyone we’ve ever heard of. So someone, somewhere, has 100 little bottles that we need, dangit. Trying to solve that one.
  4. It’s Accounting Time again. Someone please send Kate more bourbon. She’s starting to mutter eerily.
  5. Oh, books. Always so needy.
  6. Now THAT is how you get kids excited about writing – crash a spaceship into their playground!
  7. We are, of course, big fans of the ampersand. But the toucanpersand may be a new favourite.
  8. There’s always something new to discover out there in the world…
  9. This definitely ranks as one of the more awesome Hallowe’en costumes I’ve seen…
  10. And now for your cute for the week...
  11. And your crazy!


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