Pressing Matters: September 27, 2013, Edition

Workin’ away on City of Devils promos. There’s a LOT to be done there…


Pressing Matters: Week of September 23-27, 2013


  1. Still reading through submissions – slush, sequels, solicited. So much reading!


  1. Finishing up on Grave revisions and waiting for rewrites to come back on Sword and Mixed Feelings. Yep, moving along…


  1. Finalizing the last few revisions on II Crimsonstreak. Soon…the launch!
  2. Many, many promotional items have been ordered for upcoming launches. Some make perfect sense, like bookmarks. Some, maybe not so much. How many buttercream eyeballs does a small press need, anyway?
  3. Infinity Key is in proofing now!
  4. Layout on Grave has begun!

Reviews, Promotions, and Buzz

  1. Itching to follow up with the adventures of Chris Fairborne, aka Crimsonstreak, we have good news! The pre-order is now open, and there’s some nifty rewards available!
  2. Lots and lots of buzz for City of Devils in its launch week! M Fenn has an interview with Justin Robinson, plus a chance for you to win a digital copy of the novel! Over at Fanboy Comics, there’s a review, and another excited review at Booksnobbery. Good times! And if you want to know what all the fuss is about, you should see Bibliognome’s Sentence Sneak Peek.
  3. Are you in the NYC area? Get yourself over to Queens on October 9 for a night that’s not to be missed! Enigma Bookshop is hosting Leonard Richardson and Anne E. Johnson for a sci-fi blowout!


  1. This week was Banned Books Week, and the Guardian has put together a slideshow of the 10 most challenged books this year. I…actually sort of agree with challenging (though not banning) the Shades of Grey trilogy…not really appropriate for schools, you know? I think that might be the first time I’ve ever agreed with the challenges on these lists.
  2. Oh man, I wish we were a little closer to Queens – Enigma Bookshop is having a Humorous Sci-Fi and Fantasy party tonight! Grab half the authors at C&G and we’d REALLY make it a party…
  3. And speaking of Enigma…they’re going gangbusters. Congratulations to Claire and Hugh!
  4. …are we really putting together 70 trading card packs for City of Devils pre-order participants? YES WE ARE. …oh god…
  5. Holy cow, this experimental projection art is amazing. Prepare for your jaw to drop.
  6. This week’s cute animal break is all about corgis. Super corgis! And…this dude.

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