Pressing Matters: August 30, 2013, Edition

Yep, the leaning tower of slush is back!

I need one of those warning signs...

I need one of those warning signs…

Pressing Matters: Week of August 26-30, 2013


  1. It’s slush-readin’ time!


  1. Olivia and Commanatrix Sarah are still hard at work on Mixed Feelings. I’m getting impatient to see what magic they’ve wrought!
  2. Sword rewrites are underway, and Amy is blogging about it in between trying to dig herself out from under a pile of paper…


  1. Illustrations for City of Devils are underway, and will be AMAZING. Yes, you read that right. Illustrations. The book will have illustrations.
  2. Also vintage-style advertising. Are you excited yet?!
  3. II Crimsonstreak is proofread! Now we’re just going to make sure the wraparound fits and we’re good to go!
  4. Related: It’s amazing what proofreading can do. Two Proofers of Mightiness took a crack at it…and only had three overlapping notes. Each of them found SO MUCH that the other didn’t…wow.
  5. Typographer Extraordinaire Alan instantly identified the fonts used in the first two books of the Resurgam series, which means we can now get to work on laying out Grave!

Reviews, Promotions, and Buzz

  1. Several authors from The Other Half of the Sky anthology will be at Worldcon coming up on the 29th through Sept. 2. Will you be there? Say hi to Martha Wells, Jack McDevitt, and whoever else you can catch!
  2. Pre-orders for City of Devils by Justin Robinson are going nuts – we’ve already unlocked a few extra rewards, and we’re going for more!
  3. Speaking of City of Devils, check out this great post by Justin on some of the locations used there and in Mr Blank!


  1. A subway library in Shanghai. Nifty!
  2. This Kickstarter project to do a map of America through the lens of sf/f highlights is super-spiffy. But hmmmm, I wonder what could stand for Vermont?
  3. Vintage diet and beauty book covers. Some of these are real doozies.
  4. 97 years of typewriters. Oooh, talk about eye candy. Makes me miss my typewriter, which is still back in Vermont…
  5. Your Cute Break for the week: Cats getting baths. 
  6. Some interesting things may be going on with expanding our print-digital bundle efforts. Stay tuned!


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