Pressing Matters: July 26, 2013, Edition

More covers? Why, yes!


Pressing Matters: Week of July 22-26, 2013


  1. A few announcements forthcoming – we’ve signed an epic YA that we’ll be able to talk about soon, and some other interesting projects are in the pipeline….


  1. Sarah is in full-on Commanatrix Mode with Mixed Feelings. I think I need to buy her some new red pens….
  2. In edits on that unannounced epic YA fantasy.
  3. Edits progress apace on Grave.


  1. Infinity Key had its cover reveal this week. Sean Dietrich has done it again, with a smashing rendering of the novel in graphic form!
  2. We’re working on corrections to II Crimsonstreak and bonus material for City of Devils. Great stuff coming!

Reviews, Promotions, and Buzz

  1. Stevie Carroll is running a very special contest related to A Series of Ordinary Adventures – a photo giveaway! Read the post on well dressing, and then head on over to LJ to enter...
  2. An interesting post on women in sci-fi that references The Other Half of the Sky at Unlikely Worlds.


  1. Help out a graduate student who’s looking into small press – how it works, how people find books, and all sorts of other interesting things. The survey about your “book habits online” only takes a few minutes!
  2. Hal Lasko is officially my hero. A typographer, which is cool enough…but he started doing artwork in MS Paint at 96, and is doing PIXEL-PAINTINGS now. Wow.
  3. Speaking of both covers and great art, here’s a roundup of Design Observer’s picks for best covers of 2012.
  4. I feel as though one of the takeaways of this blog post on a self-publishing learning track at a convention should be that EVERYONE needs proofreaders. Otherwise you start talking about self-publishing tracts, which is a different thing entirely, and leads to Chick Tracts. Or huuuuge tracts of land.
  5. Sci-fi is for everyone! And by everyone! Flavorwire gets into it with 10 “literary” authors you didn’t know wrote sci-fi.
  6. Your little bit of adorable for this week.
  7. Yes, Mastermind Kate is stressed out from the move and launches and everything else and coping by looking at pictures of fuzzy critters. We all have our coping mechanisms. Don’t judge.

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