Pressing Matters: June 14, 2013, Edition

Coming soon…cover reveals and acquisitions announcements! For now, stay tuned…


Yes, Pressing Matters is appearing on Saturday now – that’s because Editrix Sarah, everyone’s favourite Gal Friday, has staked a claim on the Friday blog post slot. Did you catch her post last week?

Pressing Matters: Week of June 3-7, 2013


  1. In talks about revisions with one possible new author, and looking thoroughly at other submissions right now.
  2. Just got a contract in on a very exciting new series – full announcement to come!


  1. Infinity Key is with Commanatrix Sarah for editing, then goes back to Chrysoula to update any issues.
  2. Matt Adams just returned second-round revisions on II Crimsonstreak. Full steam ahead!
  3. Edits progress apace on Grave.
  4. Yes, this is the same list as last week. Shush. Editing takes time.


  1. AT LAST! Pre-orders for Blue Diamond Delivery, the second Webrid Chronicles book by Anne E. Johnson, are now open! You can get all kinds of goodies for getting on board early…and there’s neat escalators to come if we make our goal!
  2. Brooke Stephenson is illustrating for II Crimsonstreak and…so far, she hasn’t killed us for requesting that she depict an anthropomorphic bird of prey in leather pants. Phew! 

Reviews, Promotions, and Buzz

  1. The Rainbow Reader takes on Susan Jane Bigelow’s The Daughter Star – and not just that, but offers up a great discussion of willing suspension of disbelief in fiction. GREAT read.
  2. Editor Athena Andreadis has a great roundup of the buzz around The Other Half of the Sky thus far.


  1. The Beyond Her Book blog on PW has a thorough breakdown of the Ann Aguirre women-writers-of-sci-fi controversy and response that’s been happening lately. It’s truly sad to realize that people still marginalize both female writers and female characters. One reason why The Other Half of the Sky and other works with strong women doing what people do are so important…
  2. Dang. We totally need to visit the Seattle Public Library and geek out about their floor…
  3. Studio tours with children’s book illustrators. Neat!
  4. Ireland now has a stamp with a short story printed on it. Flash fiction to the rescue!


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