Pressing Matters: May 31, 2013, Edition

Every day we’re filin’…

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Pressing Matters: Week of May 27-31, 2013


  1. Editrix Sarah is reading through a revised mss for possible acquisition; as soon as she approves, we’ll be making an offer…
  2. She’s also been reading All The Slush, and we’re gonna be sending out letters and critiques there shortly.
  3. Had a great conversation with an agent from Boston on Wednesday night about some possible mss she has to share. Looking forward to possibly seeing some more epic fantasy!


  1. Infinity Key is with Commanatrix Sarah for editing, then goes back to Chrysoula to update any issues.
  2. Edits progress apace on Grave.


  1. We finally got the cover art for Infinity Key, and it’s pretty stunning. Can’t wait to share it with you – stay tuned!
  2. Art Demigod Chris is still hard at work constructing an entire faux city for The Dominion, in the Brutalist style. Ambitious, much?

Reviews, Promotions, and Buzz

  1. Just in time for the release of The Daughter Star (have you ordered your copy yet?), we find out that Felicia Day has read and loved Broken, also by Susan Jane Bigelow!
  2. The F Word, a great blog on “contemporary UK Feminism,” has a very intelligent review of The Other Half of the Sky.


  1. Still in limbo on the relocation to Philadelphia. But at least we finally found the post office.
  2. In her Gal Friday capacity, Sarah filed ALL THE THINGS over the weekend. The C&G Main File Box is now glorious.
  3. AMAZING essay on women at war, and depictions of women in media. I shall now call stereotyping and media portrayal the Scaly Llama Theory forever. (Protip: the essay doesn’t end at the neat flower-and-line divider; keep scrolling down.)
  4. Is the internet debasing the English language? Time for a facepalm.
  5. Some really neat bookshelves here. I wonder if we can make the cardboard spiral one for the new Lair…?


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