Pressing Matters: May 24, 2013, Edition

Busy busy busy…

I need one of those warning signs...

I need one of those warning signs…

Pressing Matters: Week of May 20-24, 2013


  1. Another revision in on a revise/resub, and hopefully we’ll have an acquisitions announcement this time next week!
  2. Requested a revise/resub on a different manuscript, and should be discussing with the author later this week.


  1. Infinity Key is with Commanatrix Sarah for editing, then goes back to Chrysoula to update any issues.
  2. Matt Adams is girding his loins to deal with the next round of notes on II Crimsonstreak. The rewrite is AWESOME, though, so all that really remains is the eternal question: do birdmen have beaks?


  1. It’s the last day to pre-order the print version of The Daughter Star by Susan Jane Bigelow! It’s the usual deal, with great bonuses available!
  2. Art is in the works for the cover of Infinity Key and the sketch is pretty fantastic…can’t wait to see the final painting!
  3. Art Demigod Chris is hard at work constructing an entire faux city for The Dominion, in the Brutalist style. Ambitious, much?

Reviews, Promotions, and Buzz

  1. Anne E. Johnson’s Head House Books reading of Green Light Delivery was awesome – but don’t just take our word for it! Morgen Rich of Broad Universe was there…
  2. Kit at the Lesbrary reviews The Daughter Star by Susan Jane Bigelow and thinks it’s grand! Beyond grand, actually. It’s a review well worth a read, if only for how excited and interesting it is – a great example of good reviewing, about a good book!
  3. There’s also a GREAT guest post by Susan over at Emma Newman’s blog, all about creating the world of The Daughter Star and its characters.


  1. We’ve been doing some beta-testing of MetaComet’s Author Portal system with a few authors, and Mastermind Kate was quoted in the PW article about its official launch!
  2. Still in limbo on the relocation to Philadelphia. Many questions remain – such as, where the HECK are we going to store all these books, now that the Lair is no longer?
  3. Followup to the above: We might not be finishing the move until mid-July now, as opposed to mid-June. Ain’t this grand?
  4. Unique bindings for classic books – these are jaw-dropping!
  5. Don’t make fun of renowned author Dan Brown and his writing quirks! Read this instead (just not while you’re eating or drinking anything you might snarfle).


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