Pressing Matters: May 3, 2013, Edition

Getting things together for several upcoming launches, and doing all the edits!

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Pressing Matters: Week of April 29-May 3, 2013


  1. Made a conditional offer on an interesting manuscript – it needs some more resolution at the end, but if the author’s willing and able to make the changes, we’re gonna have a FUN story on our hands. More to come!


  1. EDITING ALL THE THINGS. You have NO idea.


  1. You can now pre-order the print version of The Daughter Star by Susan Jane Bigelow! It’s the usual deal, with great bonuses available!
  2. eBook galley of City of Devils is coming together, and we’re about to make that available…along with the cover reveal!
  3. Waiting on cover sketches for Infinity Key and we’re on tenterhooks!

Reviews, Promotions, and Buzz

  1. The Other Half of the Sky is now available! It’s doing great, ranking in the Top 100 on Kindle in Sci-Fi Short Stories and in the Top 100 books for Sci-Fi Anthologies. Oh, and editor Athena Andreadis is offering a bonus screenplay to anyone who buys the anthology!
  2. Meanwhile, Athena has discussed the difficulties in putting together the anthology with Bull Spec magazine in an essay called “Like Water Through Stone.”
  3. Book View Café has a great, thoughtful post by Other Half contributor Sue Lange about the roles of women in sci-fi. Well worth a read!
  4. And on the topic of really wonderfully thoughtful reviews, check out this one by Foz Meadows on Susan Jane Bigelow’s Broken!
  5. Haven’t picked up a copy of Constellation Games by Leonard Richardson yet? Now’s your chance to get something even more exciting! The novel is part of the current video game-themed StoryBundle!
  6. Mark your calendars for May 11 – Justin Robinson just confirmed that he’ll be in Artist Alley at Long Beach Comic Con! Stop by and keep him company, lest he do something drastic like tap-dancing on his table…
  7. Are you in or near Philadelphia? Save the date for May 19 at 5pm: Anne E. Johnson will be doing a reading from Green Light Delivery at Head House Books!


  1. The Book House in St. Louis may be facing eviction. This is terrible on multiple levels – first, it’s a GREAT independent bookstore that may be getting booted from a great location in order to build storage. We don’t need more corporate storage; we need more bookstores! Beyond that, the Book House takes a chance on a lot of small press publishers – they stock many C&G titles and really believe in us, just as much as we believe in them – and without bookstores like the Book House, everyone is that much the poorer. Time to join in that letter-writing campaign, and see what else we can do to help keep them in their location and in business.
  2. We all judge books by their covers. But what happens when you ask a two-year-old to judge a book based only on its cover art? Answer: lions.


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