Pressing Matters: April 26, 2013, Edition

We need some more red pens…


Pressing Matters: Week of April 22-26, 2013


  1. Slush reading is, as usual, ongoing. We have a couple requests for full mss out, though, and one possible revise-resub going out…plus a number of snoozers and a few “I like this but…I just…there’s something not there” responses, which are always the hardest.


  1. Continuing edits on Infinity Key by Chrysoula Tzavelas and II Crimsonstreak by Matt Adams. Adding in edits for Grave by Joan Frances Turner. ALL THE EDITS.


  1. eBook galley of City of Devils is coming together, and we’re about to make that available…along with the cover reveal!
  2. Chris is making a new attempt at a cover for The Dominion, this time referencing a ton of old travel ephemera I found. Should be interesting…
  3. The mega-talented Brooke Stephenson is back on board for the cover of II Crimsonstreak – and her ideas are phenomenal. It’ll be another smashing cover!

Reviews, Promotions, and Buzz

  1. The Other Half of the Sky is now available! And editor Athena Andreadis is offering a bonus screenplay to anyone who buys the anthology!
  2. Mark your calendars for May 11 – Justin Robinson just confirmed that he’ll be in Artist Alley at Long Beach Comic Con! Stop by and keep him company, lest he do something drastic like tap-dancing on his table…
  3. Are you in or near Philadelphia? Save the date for May 19 at 5pm: Anne E. Johnson will be doing a reading from Green Light Delivery at Head House Books!


  1. Oh dear. Another small press is closing due to financial problems – once again caused by growing too fast and not paying attention to the business side. All the more reason for careful, slow, managed growth at C&G…
  2. James Patterson took out full-page ads calling for government to support publishing. I’m…not entirely sure what I think about this, but at least it’s opening up discussion about what the industry means to whom.
  3. A neat exit interview with the outgoing chief editor of the OED.
  4. Royalties and accounting are nearly taken care of; some changes by Amazon mean delays in payment, but we should be able to get it taken care of…
  5. Mastermind Kate spoke at the 2013 IPNE conference last weekend, and has a roundup of the happenings
  6. And your bit of fun: some very creative literacy campaign posters.


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