Launch Day: The Other Half of the Sky

The Other Half of the Sky cover

A very happy Book Birthday to The Other Half of the Sky, the brilliant anthology of woman-focused space opera conceived, created, and edited by Athena Andreadis, and co-edited by Kay Holt.

In a lovely bit of confluence, the anthology is coming out on International Book Day, which also happens to be the name-day of Athena’s father, which also happens to be Shakespeare’s birthday, which also happens to be a mere two days after Candlemark & Gleam’s launch anniversary.

This is truly an astonishing collection, with something for absolutely everyone contained within its pages. But don’t just take our word for it – check out some of the rave reviews that have been coming in!

And then mosey over to the shop and pick up your copy. As always, C&G direct purchases are DRM-free, and all paperbacks come with the digital edition free!

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