Pressing Matters: February 8, 2013, Edition

Another week, another roundup of what’s going on at Candlemark & Gleam!

Not the actual C&G lair. But close.

Pressing Matters: Week of Feb. 4-8, 2013


  1. Almost ready to make the announcements on three – count ’em, three! – new novels from established Candlemark & Gleam authors. Can’t wait to share with you!


  1. Susan Bigelow has ridden into combat on her trusty Red Battle Mammoth and attacked Editrix Sarah’s revisions to The Daughter Star. We’re full speed ahead on this one!
  2. Almost done with reading/editing a batch of revisions to Blue Diamond Delivery by Anne E. Johnson. It’s a great sign when you can’t drink anything while you’re editing, lest you accidentally snort your tea while laughing.


  1. Should have new font comps on The Daughter Star this week. Exciting!
  2. So far, upwards of 40 different cover comps – admittedly, many variants on a few themes – produced for one of the projects referenced in Acquisitions. We might ALMOST be getting there now…
  3. Art Demigod Chris has begun work on the cover for Blue Diamond Delivery, in between doing mockups for The Dominion.

Reviews, Promotions, and Buzz

  1. Anne E. Johnson appeared at the Rough & Ready series this past Monday to give folks a sneak preview of Blue Diamond Delivery. You HAVE to watch the video. The voices alone are fantastic, to say nothing of the plot!
  2. The Mr Blank Fnord Contest is almost over…you only have another week or so to find all the fnords in the special edition (any eBook that’s been sold between release in October and now) and let us know where they are. All correct responses are entered to win a Kobo Mini eReader loaded with every Candlemark & Gleam title! Rules and instructions are at the beginning of every digital edition. Grab a copy and start fnord-hunting!
  3. Pencil it in: Justin Robinson will be on hand at the Redondo Beach Mysterious Galaxy on Feb. 16 for their local authors meet-and-greet!
  4. Review copies for The Other Half of the Sky are out in the world…we can’t wait to see what people think!


  1. We jumped in the debate prompted by Chuck Wendig for #pleasedontpiratemybookday on the 6th. Y’all know we have Thoughts on the matter of illicit distribution…
  2. Having new shelves installed at the C&G Lair. Soon, there will be around 42 square feet of additional book space…and it’s still not nearly enough!


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