Pressing Matters: January 18, 2013, Edition

A lot of this week vanished to the horrible, horrible viral attentions of a combined case of bronchitis and the flu that laid low our fearless Mastermind.

Interestingly, though, while she’s really bad at email and coherent communication while sick, and completely useless for layout work, said virus-laden Mastermind gets into a single-minded editorial groove that can be really productive.

Pressing Matters: Week of Jan. 14-18, 2013


  1. Revision requests for a possible sequel returned to one author. No package bombs in the mail yet (that’s always an option when you ask for this many hardcore revisions), so this one will quite possibly be seeing “contract and announcement” phase soon.
  2. Halfway through edits on another possible sequel.
  3. Blue Diamond Delivery revisions have been returned by Anne E. Johnson; can’t wait to dig in and see what she’s done!
  4. David Colby reports that he’s almost halfway through revisions on Shattered Sky.


  1. Cover comps are progressing for The Dominion. The ideas floating around are really promising and vibrant!
  2. Corrections for The Other Half of the Sky have been compiled; now to execute, then create the digital version!

Reviews, Promotions, and Buzz

  1. The Preditors & Editors Reader’s Choice Poll is closed, and the results are in! Candlemark & Gleam titles and authors did very well this year, placing in the Top 10 in many categories!
  2. The Other Half of the Sky has an unbelievably gorgeous cover by artist Eleni Tsami. Read all about the inspiration behind the anthology and its art on The Book Smugglers.
  3. The Book Lantern reviews Erekos, and finds it an unusual work…but in a good way!
  4. Webrid, the star of Green Light Delivery, goes on the record at A Room to Write. You really don’t want to miss this interview – it’ll “defrost your brisket” for sure!
  5. Pencil it in: Justin Robinson will be on hand at the Redondo Beach Mysterious Galaxy on Feb. 16 for their local authors meet-and-greet! We hear he’s also planning to be at the next LA edition of Noir at the Bar.
  6. And, okay, so it’s not talking about a book he’s published with us, but hey – we love our authors and support ALL their many talents! So we’re really pleased that Justin Robinson is one of  the “top 10 new horror authors” out there.


  1. 1099s are submitted, and will hopefully be hitting the mail soon. Keep an eye out, authors!
  2. Royalties this weekend, once Amazon bothers to update its results for December.
  3. Then the fun of rejiggering the royalties database again, in an attempt to make tracking book sales via each individual sales channel/format clearer and easier. Yay!
  4. Brainstorming more ways to promote Candlemark & Gleam books and authors this year, and work on building more of a community. Any ideas? We’d love to hear ’em!


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