Pressing Matters: January 11, 2013, Edition

This has largely been another week of budgeting, accounting, and taxes. Oh, the glories that go with being a small press! It is, sadly, not all cookies and redlines.

Sometimes, I miss doing paper redlines and proofs.

Sometimes, I miss doing paper redlines and proofs.

Pressing Matters: Week of Jan. 7-11, 2013


  1. Nearly through Item #1 in the sequel submissions queue. The notes are stacking up…


  1. Cover feedback has been received from the author of The Dominion, and we’ve selected an illustrator for the next round of comps. Really looking forward to seeing what he comes up with, based on the ideas we’re floating around and the preliminaries…
  2. Paper ARC copies of The Other Half of the Sky have been sent. After the next round of corrections is in, we’ll create and send the digital ARC.
  3. There’s been lots of talk swirling around lately about audiobook productions of various Candlemark & Gleam titles. Unfortunately, none of that is going to be coming out through us in the near future – while we adore audiobooks, especially fully staged, radio-play-like productions, they take a lot of resources. Since we’d want to do any productions right, that’s not in the cards right now. But there ARE possibly plans afoot in other ways, through other avenues, and we’ll keep you posted.

Reviews, Promotions, and Buzz

  1. The annual Preditors & Editors Reader’s Choice Poll/Awards is still open! Lots and lots of Candlemark & Gleam titles are up for honours. Take a few minutes and go vote, please! We truly appreciate your support (especially since the site is awful to navigate…)
  2. Constellation Games by Leonard Richardson has been named one of’s GeekDad’s Best Books of 2012! Congratulations, Leonard!
  3. And speaking of Wired, GeekMom talks girls and fantasy with Matchbox Girls author Chrysoula Tzavelas!
  4. Stop by North Carolina’s Illogicon this weekend, Jan. 11-13, and catch Natania Barron on one of a slew of fascinating panels!


  1. 1099s are very nearly almost ready to go out. Up next, royalties! Then, collapsing in an accounting-related heap!
  2. Budgeting is evil, and makes us feel like we’re playing a nasty game of triage when trying to allocate resources between various titles, for marketing, for ads and promotions, for awards competition entry fees, etc. Anyone know a bank with lax security so we can simply throw money at everything?
  3. And now for a dose of schadenfreude. This Tumblr of Lousy Book Covers is a train wreck you just can’t look away from…


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