Acquisition: Mr Blank

Now that Publishers Weekly has made the Deal announcement, we’re free to celebrate our newest acquisition!

In October 2012, you’ll be introduced to a shadowy world of bizarre conspiracies, secret agencies, and the movers and shakers behind the movers and shakers, all courtesy of Mr Blank, by Justin Robinson.

To take words out of Justin’s mouth:

When Mr. Blank, a low-level agent of every clandestine conspiracy in the world, is targeted for assassination, he has to navigate the Byzantine alleys of the information underground to find out which of the hundred possibilities actually wants him dead enough to do something about it.

Mr. Blank works for every conspiracy there is: he’s a Knight Templar, an Illuminatus, a Freemason, a CIA informant, ad infinitum. His job consists mainly of incomprehensible errands: delivering goat’s blood to Satanists, planting a chest for the Discordians or just making sure each candy bar has exactly five rat droppings in it. On one of these jobs, a dead-eyed man wielding a makeshift flail tries to cave Blank’s head in. There are literally hundreds of suspects: anyone who has discovered that Blank is a double (or triple, or quintuple, etc.) agent. The only things that can help him are his quick wits, large cell phone collection, encyclopedic knowledge of conspiracy lore and a plus-sized femme fatale that might be ready to betray him at any moment.

Yeah. You can see why we’re so excited about this one!

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