Ask Sky Ranger Anything

You’ve read Broken. You’ve seen Sky Ranger – the pompous, officious leader of the Extrahuman Union.

You’ve seen what happened.

And now Sky Ranger is on the run, hunted by the Reform Party he used to loyally obey.

But he’s not taking it lying down. He knows that extrahumans are people, too, and he knows that he can explain to you all that he’s not really a bad guy – and certainly no enemy of the people (although he IS an enemy of the state…the Reformists, that is).

So he’s started a campaign to let you get to know the REAL Sky Ranger, before Fly Into Fire shows you an even different side of him.

Go ahead! Ask Sky Ranger Anything!

One questioner (interrogator?) will win an Advance Reading Copy of Fly Into Fire by Susan Jane Bigelow, before the book is officially available on January 24, 2012.

Go on! Ask your questions. Sky Ranger will select one questioner at random on January 9 to receive an ARC of the book. And yes, you can ask multiple questions and therefore enter multiple times!

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