On Fixing Typos

HuffPo has an interesting feature on “the worst book typos of all time,” which will make every editor and writer out there both guffaw and cringe. All of us have let some real whoppers slip in the past, no matter how many sets of eyes have been on a manuscript or a proof, and it’s a job hazard that editors, especially, take typos to heart.

That said, with digital editions, it’s now shockingly easy to correct errors (although the print copies still stay riddled with typos unless they’re short-run or POD, and even then, it’s expensive to fix a file for minor errors), as Amazon just demonstrated when it turned out that the Kindle version of Neal Stephenson’s Reamde was not, erm, proof-reamde.

So I guess the Big Brother-ish overtones of Amazon’s content management can be good for something, yes?

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  1. Draven Ames October 3, 2011 at 2:09 am #

    Scary and good, in some respects.

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