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Get Blank
Justin Robinson

The sequel to the hilarious conspiracy-noir thriller Mr Blank by Justin Robinson.

I’m retired.

No, really.

No more running around, doing the scut work for every conspiracy in the Information Underground. I quit all that a year ago, got myself a nice quiet life up the coast, doing normal things with normal people like my girlfriend, Mina.

And then someone framed her for murder.

Now I’m coming out of retirement to figure out who wants her behind bars – and me dead. Again. At least this time I’m pretty sure it’s not aliens. Or the government. Might still be the Russian mob, but at least Bigfoot’s on my side.

I don’t know who to trust, and I don’t know how I’m going to survive this one, especially with an unkillable hitman, some Satanists, and a couple of lunatic movie stars gunning for me. But one thing’s for sure…

I really need a better career plan.

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The Dominion 
Gayleen Froese
Winter 2014

The war ended, and the magic started. Your next-door neighbour grew fangs. The ice cream shop down the street sprouted a new dimension. Even the vegetables in your garden started to act a little… odd. People and places began to change, and now, the most dangerous places on Earth are the ones where magic is strongest. That definitely includes the city-state of the Dominion, where it’s legal for vampires to eat you, dragons have burned down city hall, and the local crime boss can kill with a glance.

Sounds like the perfect place for a vacation.

Adventure-travel writer Innis Stuart and photographer Karsten Roth are in the Dominion for one week to pick up tips for foolhardy tourists. They weren’t planning to lock horns with the Dominion’s strangest serial killer and uncover a grotesque conspiracy, but travel always includes some surprises…

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Mixed Feelings
Olivia R. Burton
Spring 2014

Being a therapist means dealing with other people’s problems, but this is getting ridiculous. Gwen Arthur just wants to do what she does best – help others work through their emotional issues and get their lives back on track. Unfortunately, this time, it’s Gwen’s life that has derailed.

Sure, she always knew she was a little different – being an empath who tastes and feels others’ emotions will do that to a girl – but she’s largely managed to stay under the radar and out of the supernatural world. The worst she’s had to deal with is an attractive, horny werewolf named Mel.

Until now.

After a terrifying visit from the monsters that plagued her childhood, who seem to think she’s someone else entirely – someone very powerful – Gwen is given a task: Find a group of kidnapped, magically gifted children before they’re killed. Or worse.

She’s got her quick wits, her preternaturally prepared best friend Chloe, and yes, even Mel the werewolf to help her make it through this assignment. Hopefully that’ll be enough, because an invisible interloper is stealing her emergency candy stash, adding insult to injury.

It’s hard enough to help others sort through emotional turmoil. Rescuing missing kids, saving the city, and figuring out this whole “supernatural” thing – it’s enough to give a girl MIXED FEELINGS.

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Amy Bai
Spring 2014

Prophecies are just nursery rhymes for gullible fools.
So thinks Kyali Corwynall, daughter of the Lord General, and the court’s only sword-wielding girl. The famous verse that names SwordSong, and Crown the kingdom’s saviors is ridiculous, but just vague enough that Kyali finds herself cast as Sword, her musician brother Devin as Song, and her best friend Jessica as Crown -much to her dismay.
Bad rhyme or not, this particular prophecy unravels Kyali’s entire life: her father is murdered, her kingdom overrun, and she is forced to sacrifice herself to save her friends, an act that leaves her on the brink of death. She emerges haunted and filled with rage, with a new and inexplicable connection to Devin and Jessica that binds them together, hearts and minds. Desperate to hide her sacrifice, Kyali withdraws — but shutting out the people she loves most might just get them killed.
To save them – and the kingdom – she will have to become Sword, the hand of prophecy…no matter the cost.

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The Seeker Star 
Susan Jane Bigelow
Summer 2014

The second book in the Grayline Sisters series by Susan Jane Bigelow, after The Daughter Star.

Find your sisters, Violet.

So said Aunt Melody, but Violet Grayline knew it was impossible. Marta and Beth had disappeared at the end of the Haven War, leaving their middle sister alone in their harsh homeland of Gideon. No one knows where they went, there’s no trail to follow, and Violet keeps getting warnings to forget all about it.

Violet’s going after them anyway. She won’t let threats, the meddling of the alien Abrax, strange portals to other worlds or even her own planet’s government stop her.

After all, what does she have to lose? Her husband didn’t want her, her country turned its back on her, and everyone seems convinced that she’s nobody.

But if there’s one thing governments, generals, aliens and priests will learn, it’s to never, ever underestimate Violet Grayline.

What will you give up to change the world?