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Thoughts on Format and Design

As I’ve been typesetting Erekos for the last two weeks, I’ve been musing about formatting. Print is a beautiful thing. It lets you set exactly how you want a reader to experience a story – it gives you the ability to make an aesthetically pleasing container for thought. I love this. I love taking an […]

Barnes & Noble no more?

It would seem that Barnes & Noble has gone up for sale. This is going to be interesting to watch. Personally, I have a feeling the sale is going to shake out much the same way the recent Newsweek sale did – with a very wealthy private individual buying the company and running it more […]

Fair pricing

The fair pricing debate is cropping up again. According to the author of that post, e-books should be priced very low indeed, at 99c to $2.99, because the overhead is low, the author is usually unknown and working in a niche environment, and because they don’t have the expense of an agent or publisher. What […]

Speaking of piracy…

Speaking of piracy, I was just clued in to this great open letter to Scott Turow of the Author’s Guild, by Brian O’Leary. It says everything we’ve been trying to say, only more eloquently. Is piracy really a problem? Perhaps. It’s certainly a concern. But it shouldn’t be our major concern in publishing right now, […]

Piracy and the Internet

Ahh, piracy. Nothing gets a publisher’s hackles up like a good discussion of piracy – and I’ve been seeing a lot of them around lately. A major theme of the publishers’ discussions at Book Expo America 2010, it seems, was DRM and how evil pirates are going to be the death of the industry, and […]

What Price Digital?

What price digital? That’s the big question these days, it seems. What price is a reasonable one to charge for an eBook? What are people willing to pay, and what is sustainable under the flurry of different distribution models that have been flying around? The answer most people are going to tell you is obvious: […]

Sea Changes

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: There’s nothing new under the sun. Okay, that’s not entirely true. There’s plenty out there that’s new, and exciting, and different. But there’s also a lot of history repeating, especially when panic and nail-biting is concerned in the publishing industry. This article from the IBPA neatly […]

What’s in a length?

I do love Charlie Stross. And I love reading his takes on the publishing industry and the future of the book. His CMAP series should be required reading. In fact, let’s make it some required reading right now, shall we? Why books are the length they are. This is a great post on why books […]