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Praise for Broken

There’s been an awful lot of praise coming in for Broken, including this from the man known as Smarriveur: I don’t often recommend books. I’ll mention if I’m quite enjoying a series, or blown away by an author. Generally, I’m rereading things these days anyway, and I don’t have much time to do so, so […]

Hazards of book design

Going into these things, you never think about the potential job hazards of doing book design. For instance, after awhile, the words “Dear Michael” stop making actual sense, and start just being loops and whorls and lines. Especially when you’re scanning them in 500 different handwriting fonts. I’m presently finishing up the book design for […]

Broken cover

After a good bit of work, by both the immensely talented Rhiannon Griffiths and your humble narrator, and a huge number of variations, we have a cover for Broken! Now I’m wondering what to do with all those other cover images. One of the delightful things about eBooks is that you can put full-colour images […]

BROKEN: An announcement

Big, exciting happenings in the Candlemark & Gleam world! We’ve just acquired a new manuscript – Broken, by Susan J. Bigelow. It couldn’t have a more appropriate title. Broken is a story about a broken woman, a broken society, a broken world, and it’s heartbreaking to boot. It’s a gripping debut…and it is a debut. […]