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Fair pricing

The fair pricing debate is cropping up again. According to the author of that post, e-books should be priced very low indeed, at 99c to $2.99, because the overhead is low, the author is usually unknown and working in a niche environment, and because they don’t have the expense of an agent or publisher. What […]

Behind the Curtain, Part 2.5: Slush

Before we move on to the next full installment of Behind the Curtain, I thought I’d do a little prep work. You see, the next section is about acceptance and rejection, and how manuscripts get read, sorted, and categorized for acquisition. In order to understand that, though, you need to understand a little bit about […]

Boring books

According to Martin Amis, awards only go to boring books. You know, he’s on to something here. I can’t remember the last time I actually enjoyed a book that won a Major Literary Award. Of course, I’m excluding things like the Hugos and Edgars and such here…I’m talking about the Man Booker, the Orange, and […]

Credit where credit’s due

In reading through the open letter on piracy I linked in my last post, I came across yet another reference to Richard Nash and Cursor, in which he’s cited as having all these wonderful new models for publishing. He’s referred to over and over again as being The Man for “innovating pricing and packaging models,” […]

Speaking of piracy…

Speaking of piracy, I was just clued in to this great open letter to Scott Turow of the Author’s Guild, by Brian O’Leary. It says everything we’ve been trying to say, only more eloquently. Is piracy really a problem? Perhaps. It’s certainly a concern. But it shouldn’t be our major concern in publishing right now, […]

Piracy and the Internet

Ahh, piracy. Nothing gets a publisher’s hackles up like a good discussion of piracy – and I’ve been seeing a lot of them around lately. A major theme of the publishers’ discussions at Book Expo America 2010, it seems, was DRM and how evil pirates are going to be the death of the industry, and […]


Taking a bit of a break before the next Behind the Curtain post to ask…what sort of goodies would you dig for a book release? I’m thinking of freebies, downloadables that you could snag, along with things you could buy for a buck or two. Wallpapers, obviously, but perhaps a downloadable sheet of bookmarks or […]

Behind the Curtain, Part 1.5: Revenge of the Manuscript

Okay, I lied. We’re not doing Part 2 yet. It was pointed out to me that there’s some key aspects to the manuscript process that I ignored. Really, they’re more like key aspects of the writer’s psyche: resilience and determination. First, resilience. You have to have it. You have to be willing to accept criticism, […]

Behind the Curtain, Part 1: The Manuscript

I threatened to do a series of posts demystifying the publishing process. Now I guess I get to follow through on that. But where do I start? When the manuscript is accepted, or perhaps even before that? No better place to start than the beginning, so here we go. Welcome to the first in a […]