Wellside_FC3 SM

Wellside Cover Wins Contest!

Congratulations to Jenny Zemanek, whose stunning cover to Robin Shortt’s wildly original multiverse fantasy Wellside was the winner in The Qwillery’s Debut Author Challenge June contest! Also heartfelt thanks to all C&G friends who voted! But we won’t rest on our hard-won laurels, because this has a second part: at the end of the year […]

Ferdnando comic

A Picture Tells a Thousand Words, a Comic Tells a Whole Story

Those who’ve read the print versions of Justin Robinson’s City of Devils and Fifty Feet of Trouble know how enriched they are by Fernando Caire’s funky, witty illustrations that illuminate Justin’s vivid characters. Recently, Fernando was inspired to create a micro-story within Justin’s noir alt-history monsterverse and generously shared it with us. Without further unnecessary […]


A Birthday Valentine to Webrid by His Creator, Anne E. Johnson

It has been five years since Anne E. Johnson unleashed Ganpril Webrid on unsuspecting Earthlings. Webrid is a true everyperson: my own sense of him is that he’s what Wookies are really like when they’re not brandishing crossbows or tinkering with starship circuitry. And when he transcends himself despite fears, doubts and shortcomings, it makes […]

Piperdeezcover SM

Piper Deez and the Case of the Winter Planet by M. Fenn: Cover Reveal and Synopsis

Lovers of Blade Runner and kickass women: feast your eyes on Chelsea Neveu’s evocative cover to M. Fenn’s Piper Deez and the Case of the Winter Planet that fully captures the harsh, intrigue-riddled world of the novella’s inhabitants. Piper Deez is a nifty SFnal twist on hardboiled noir fused to space opera—Outland meets Smilla’s Sense […]