Speaking of piracy…

Speaking of piracy, I was just clued in to this great open letter to Scott Turow of the Author’s Guild, by Brian O’Leary. It says everything we’ve been trying to say, only more eloquently. Is piracy really a problem? Perhaps. It’s certainly a concern. But it shouldn’t be our major concern in publishing right now, […]

Piracy and the Internet

Ahh, piracy. Nothing gets a publisher’s hackles up like a good discussion of piracy – and I’ve been seeing a lot of them around lately. A major theme of the publishers’ discussions at Book Expo America 2010, it seems, was DRM and how evil pirates are going to be the death of the industry, and […]


Taking a bit of a break before the next Behind the Curtain post to ask…what sort of goodies would you dig for a book release? I’m thinking of freebies, downloadables that you could snag, along with things you could buy for a buck or two. Wallpapers, obviously, but perhaps a downloadable sheet of bookmarks or […]