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Plan your reading schedule around these upcoming Candlemark & Gleam releases!

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Wisps of Spider Silk, First Thread
Athena Andreadis

Interplanetary cultures in conflict — and forming perilous alliances — over psychic talents and the dominance they can confer.  Containing two interlinked stories (“The Stone Lyre” and “The Wind Harp”), this mythic space opera diptych will inaugurate The Reckless, the intermediate-length works digital imprint of Candlemark & Gleam.

Launch date: March 25, 2017

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Robin Shortt

Ben is stuck. His parents’ divorce left him trapped in a backwater town, the locals all suck (except for his classmate Essa), and he’s just been caught breaking into a fairly big corporation’s servers and they’re probably going to try him as an adult.

Essa is also stuck. A vengeful ex-lover left her trapped in a backwater world, the locals all suck, and she has no way back home to the Well, the vast bottomless pit lined with doors to countless realities.

A lucky accident (not so lucky for Ben) frees Essa and now they’re both in the Well, with its invisible lizards, cities hung from cats’-cradles and Library made of sand.

Essa wants revenge. Ben wants a way home. The awakening of an ancient threat to the Well puts both their plans on hold. On the run, their only allies a clockwork spider and a girl made of iron, they’ll have to work together to save all the worlds.

Launch date: June 1, 2017

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Piper Deez and the Case of the Winter Planet
M. Fenn

Mysterious deaths and thefts of precious ore in a mining planet call detective Piper Deez to the case. Between a femme fatale, the planet’s lethal ice storms, and people who cannot be trusted, Piper has her hands full.  Outland meets Smilla’s Sense of Snow in this noir mystery science fiction novella.

Lauch date: Late spring/early summer 2017

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Unraveling Timelines
Lise Breakey

Peter Chang is an unassuming young man from San Francisco who wonders how he got the stockbroker job he is so obviously unqualified for. One night, his boss’ daughter emerges from the wall in his office, pursued by killers. Smitten, Peter helps her escape — and the life he understands disappears as he is snatched from one alternate timeline to another.

Nikki Varian is a bohemian rebel whose overbearing father uses his time-traveling power to create alternate timelines and exploit them for profit. But when the old man is murdered, her quest to find his killers and preserve what is left of her family leads her to the horrifying truth: that alternate timelines can be destroyed as well as created.

When Nikki is captured by the survivors of her father’s xenophobic extermination campaign, Peter must discover his own mysterious power in order to save her. Together, Nikki and Peter must find a way to make peace with her father’s implacable enemies — or the timeline that they both call home will be the first of many to unravel.

Launch date: September 1, 2017

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Kristin Landon

— From the author of the Hidden Worlds/Cold Minds/Dark Reaches trilogy (Ace)

Earth has sent out exploratory expeditions in a desperate attempt to discover the nature of the alien force that wiped out at least one extrasolar civilization and now threatens Earth itself.

One of the exploratory starships is stealth-attacked by the hostile aliens. The survivors, marooned among the pre-technological inhabitants of the icy world of Windhome, struggle to survive, to understand this harsh world and its few, grim people—and, somehow, to fulfill their mission.

Thrown into an unwilling alliance with a Windhome outsider faction, exiled into wilderness, two of the human crew must live by this world’s bitter laws, accept the ways of its people—and eventually make a terrifying choice.

Launch date: Early winter 2017

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