Blank Day 2015 Giveaway

Blank Day, of course, is 5/23, and to celebrate, we’re helping you get into the Information Underground!

We’re going to ask a conspiracy trivia question every day from May 1-23. Each correct answer gets you an entry into the giveaway, and you can also tweet or post about the contest or visit Justin Robinson’s FB page to earn extra entries. The more you share or promote the contest, the more entries you get – even if you don’t know the Illuminati from the Discordians!

Hint: one is really big into apples. Gobble gobble.

Justin at Scare LA 2013

Grand prize is a print megapack of both Mr Blank and Get Blank, along with a ton of Fill in the _____ series swag!

Runner up gets their choice of print books – either one in the series.

And 5 winners will get digital copies of both books!

Tell your friends! Tap into the Information Underground! Connect to the collective unconscious! Watch out for chupacabras!


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