Test your knowledge and get GET BLANK

Tomorrow’s a big day.

It’s Friday!

It also happens to be 5/23, which all you conspiracy buffs no doubt recognize the significance of. Not a conspiracy buff? That’s okay, we’ll forgive you. Someone has to be in the dark for the Brothers of Eternal Effervescence to get all glowy at, after all.

Get Blank cover

And what else is 5/23? It’s GET BLANK launch day, of course!

In honour of this next fantastic book in Justin Robinson’s Fill in the _____ series, we’ve teamed up with some great bloggers to create an epic scavenger hunt and trivia game, with some awesome prizes, including a mega Blank prize pack with paperback copies of both MR BLANK and GET BLANK.

You can earn entries by commenting on blog posts, tracking down clues, and answering questions about conspiracies and the Fill in the ______ series.

Even better, there’s a live-action component! SJ of Book Snobbery will be hosting her weekly Drinkalong on Saturday, May 24 – with special guest Justin Robinson! Join in the fun by queuing up Better Off Dead and mixing up a batch of cocktails, then fire up Twitter and join the #BetterOffDrunk crew.

So how do you play along? Well, you start by reading this post and then by checking out the giveaway below. Starting on 5/23, you can tweet, follow, answer questions, whatever, and rack up points to enter the giveaway.

Good luck, and watch out for Little Green Men!

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