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Erekos light cover

Benjamin Franklin Awards

Big news, everyone! The IBPA has announced the finalists for the Ben Franklin Awards…and Erekos and Candlemark & Gleam are among them! We’re finalists for Best First Book (Fiction) – which is decided based on writing, editorial, design work…the whole package. It’s a huge honour to be in the finals, particularly for this very coveted, […]

Great reviews

Candlemark & Gleam books have been getting some great reviews in some pretty prestigious journals lately! First up, we have (re)Visions: Alice! In its December 2011 edition, Midwest Book Review says: The story of Alice in Wonderland is viewed by many in different ways. “(re) Visions: Alice” is a retelling of the tales of Alice […]

Erekos – a starred review!

Congratulations to the immensely talented A.M. Tuomala, whose debut novel Erekos just earned a starred review from Publisher’s Weekly! Debut author Tuomala poetically crafts a complex tale of war and love. Swamp witch Achane loves her dying sister so much that she traps the young woman’s soul in her corpse as a zombi. Inspired by […]

We have a winner!

We have a winner! The gods of random chance have rolled the dice, and the winner of our Erekos ARC giveaway is Brianna Smith! We’ll be emailing you shortly to get your address, and then your shiny new advance copy of the book will be winging its way to your door! We also have a […]

Spread the word, win neat stuff!

I just sent out a massive stack of ARCs for the print edition of Erekos by A.M. Tuomala at lunch today. The final book is going to be GORGEOUS, lemme tell ya. You should really pre-order it. But! It took a good bit of effort and some trial and error to get to the point […]

Erekos in Print!

  We know you’re as excited as we are about the upcoming print release of Erekos by A.M. Tuomala. September is a long, long time away, though, and so we wanted to give you the opportunity to pre-order the book! For those who pre-order the trade paperback of Erekos, we’re also offering some special opportunities […]

Once more, with feeling

Got the first proof of the Erekos ARC yesterday and it looks pretty good. There were still a few issues, though, mostly relating to the baseline grid, the gutters, and the outer margins. So…I reset the type. Again. That makes six times now, I think. Hope this one’s the charm, because we’re so close to […]

Font Geekery

I’ve been spending the better part of the last two weeks revising Erekos for its print release in September, and dealing with the vagaries of what font, leading, and kerning to use for a trade paperback edition. It’s fun, but also frustrating. So in the midst of all my font work there, it was a […]

Signed copies of Erekos in May

For the month of May, anyone who purchases a copy of Erekos through the Candlemark & Gleam website will get an AUTOGRAPHED copy! How is this possible, you ask? You sell eBooks…how on earth can you sign an eBook? You get a bit clever, that’s how. Anyone who purchases a copy of Erekos through our […]

Big News

Big news. Big, big news. First, a remembrance: On April 21, 1910, one of my personal heroes died. Mark Twain, née Samuel Clemens, had an undeniable effect on the world of letters, and an undeniable effect on a little girl growing up immersed in letters in a tiny town in upstate New York. I grew […]