Matchbox Girls prize pack winner!

And we have a winner in our Matchbox Girls mega prize pack giveaway! From all the folks who followed our blog tour and got so excited about the release of the book, the Editorial Parrot has randomly selected one lucky winner to get a copy of the novel, and a gift bag full of goodies! […]

Writers’ Tea Party

Writers’ Tea Party, a lovely site devoted to all things literary – writing, editorial, art, and more – recently embarked upon a reboot, and as part of their new, really fascinating hybrid format (a combination of editorial and interactive features, all designed to enhance and foster conversation in the writing community), they’ve asked Candlemark & […]

Acquisition: Dragonbait

The Candlemark & Gleam catalogue is growing again! We’re pleased to announce the acquisition of a new YA novel, Dragonbait by David McLain. Adding to this novel’s appeal are some spectacular illustrations by Felix Eddy. This is going to be a stunner visually, as well as a cracking good read for children and adults alike! […]

Last word on Matchbox Girls tour

The twins apparently decided that the Matchbox Girls blog tour wasn’t allowed to end yesterday, as scheduled, and have descended on Chrysoula Tzavelas’s blog to give their very own Character Backstage interview! Thanks to everyone who tuned in for the blog tour, and who’s now excited about the book! We hope you get a copy, […]