The creative class and patronage

No sympathy for the creative class – this Salon piece is both depressing and…well, enlightening, in a way. Part of me is now pondering what our culture would look like had there not been patronage of the arts by nobles/the rich in earlier… times, and what that patronage looks like or should look like today. […]

News roundup

Times are busy here at Candlemark & Gleam, so we thought we’d give you a news roundup of what’s going on! First, Constellation Games by Leonard Richardson is now available in print! If you have a hard time waiting for a story to unfold week by week, you can now get a copy of the […]


Cover Reveal: The Spark

In case you didn’t see it on The Book Smugglers, we’ve revealed the cover of the third book in Susan Jane Bigelow’s Extrahumans series: The Spark! Deirdre Burns White clings desperately to her normal life. She has a job, a boyfriend and an apartment in the city of First Landing. She’s made sure life is […]