Move over, Marvel – I, Crimsonstreak is on its way, and making waves! In just a few days, pre-orders have already passed our goal, and that means that we’ve moved into escalator bonuses. Right now, we’re shooting for $1,000 in pre-orders – if we make it, everyone who plunks down $20 and up will get […]


I, Crimsonstreak available for pre-order

I, Crimsonstreak, the comic comic novel debut of Matt Adams, is now available for pre-order! And man, are there some awesome goodies to go with it. ID badges, posters, tee shirts, even Mortimer P. Willoughby’s Guide to Etiquette, for all those classy superhero wannabes out there. You’ll definitely want to check out Matt’s trailer for […]

Acquisition: The Dominion

More exciting news about upcoming titles! Candlemark & Gleam is pleased to announce the acquisition of The Dominion, a contemporary slipstream fantasy by Gayleen Froese. The Dominion is the story of an inherently strange place, and of two people intent on exploring it. As Gayleen describes, The Dominion is a city-state in a world where […]

Pony Army

Twitter and ponies

Oh, Twitter. You enable us to have the strangest, most wonderful conversations. C&G author Susan Jane Bigelow mentioned having a Pony Army on her desk at work this morning. I demanded pictures. She obliged. And look in the background there…behind the blue pony…there’s a ConFedMilPol car! Which led to the following exchange: @whateversusan:  Join the […]