Who We Are

Who makes up Candlemark & Gleam, anyway? We’re a small operation, but we’re scrappy.


Kate Sullivan is the founder, publisher, editor-in-chief, acquiring editor, chief layout and design artist, gofer, cook, and bottlewasher. She prefers to think of herself as “Mastermind. Not evil. Mostly.” It’s probably best not to disabuse her of this notion.

Kate has worked in publishing, in one capacity or another, for the last ten years, doing everything from daily news to design, RPG editing to technical writing. When she started getting aggravated at the state of publishing on the bleeding edge of digital, she decided to do something about it. Hence, Candlemark & Gleam.

Associate Editor, Commanatrix, and Gal Friday

Sarah LaBelle does a little of everything: nuking excess commas, catching out authors on grievous legal and military errors, shaping manuscripts, nuking excess commas, promoting the bejeezus out of the press, nuking excess commas, organizing the filing system in glorious ways, and keeping Kate from stabbing anyone with a red pen. Also, nuking commas.

She and Kate will never agree on anything comma-related other than their eternal love of the Oxford comma, but isn’t that what makes life interesting?

Strunk & White Impropers

The Strunk & White Impropers are Candlemark & Gleam’s cadre of overworked, underpaid editors. These fine folks are the ones who go through manuscripts, making sure every last little thing lines up, makes sense, doesn’t include excruciating typos, and generally works. They’re the ones wielding the mighty red pens, and occasionally talking Kate down off the ledge. Truly, they are a formidable force.

Aliza Becker
Rose Martino Bigelow
Laura Duncan
Patti Exster
Katie Freeman
Ellen Harvey
Matt Hydeman
Jessica Larson
Ray Stilwell
Courtney Swanson
AnnaLinden Weller

Visual Types

The visual types are, naturally, the designers. Cover art, interior design and layout, typesetting, and more is under the auspices of these talented folks.

Brigid Ashwood, cover art and interior design
Fernando Caire, illustrations
Alan Caum, interior design and illustrations
Karen Gadient, cover art and illustrations
Rhiannon Griffiths, cover art and design
Chris Sobolowski, cover art and design