Conspiracy Swag

Pre-orders for Mr Blank have been going out, and some of the cool bonus swag – such as the escalator bonus Conspiracy Kits – has been making waves.

Sometimes boat waves, with little alien passengers.

And providing proof that Candlemark & Gleam authors are the coolest authors anywhere, Green Light Delivery author Anne E. Johnson models her conspiracy kit…

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  • sj

    Hee! The foil hat! I love the little alien too.


  • Candlemark & Gleam

    Anne has a diverse and wonderful collection of aliens. I think it might have something to do with writing really ALIEN characters….

  • sj

    I notice you haven’t answered the chupacabra question, though. <.<

  • Candlemark & Gleam

    The chupacabras regularly conspire to eat me, body and soul.

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